Most of the constituents such as calcium carbonate, CaCO3 and clay (clay) in the ratio of 35-65% CaCO₃ 35% to 65% clay are milky white. It is a relatively loose limestone with CCE 91-93%, CaCO3 91.09-92.71%, CaO 51.04-51.95%, MgCo3 015-0.43% and MgO 0.04-0.14%.



  1. Helps raise soil pH and reduce soil acidity.
  2. It helps to enhance the benefits of primary and secondary nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, silicon, and molybdenum.
  3. It helps to enhance the activity of beneficial microorganisms that are beneficial for plants.
  4. It helps reduce the toxicity caused by high concentrations of iron, aluminum, as well as pollutants such as pesticides and sulfates in soil solutions.
Exsamples %Moisture pH %TN %TOTAL P2O5 %CIP %AP %K2O %OC %OM C/N EC mS/cm CCE %CaO %MgO CEC(cmol/kg) %S %S
4.25 9.37 0.09 81.83 40.89 0
Dolomite Stone 9.5 0.11 107.3 20.96 19.92

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