Natural power to perfect soil increase productivity (suitable for all crops)
The formula includes 4 colors, and 4 powers: (Red/Blue/Black/Brown)

  • reduces acidity or acid soil Helps improve soil conditions
  • maintain soil balance to be suitable for growing crops
  • Reduce the accumulation of pathogens in the soil.
  • Helps to make the soil loamy

Main ingredients: marl, magnesium, and natural minerals (pigments).
Utilization rate:

  • Enter the soil preparation period. Foundation before planting or after planting To improve soil quality appropriately 50-150 kg/ha
  • Recommend the use of soil-power…3 parts mixed with chemicals…1 As for (applicable to all plants), the mixing rate may vary depending on the soil in that area.
The type of plant The usage rate
For rice fields apply before rice flowering, 1 month after planting, at a rate of 30-50 kg/ha.
For sugarcane apply when the plants are 3-4 months old, for stem elongation, at a rate of 50-100 kg/ha.
For oil palm apply when the plants are 3-4 months old, at a rate of 50-100 kg/ha.
For rubber trees up to 6 years, apply to accelerate latex flow at a rate of 1-3 kg per tree per tapping session.
For fruit apply at a rate of 1-5 kg per tree per session.
For vegetable apply at a rate of 50-100 kg/ha.

**This product is not a fertilizer. This product is not a pesticide. or pesticides**