คุณสมบัติและประโยชน์ แร่หินฟอตเฟตHere are the properties and benefits of Rock Phosphate:

  1. It is a naturally occurring rock mineral that has been finely ground to a particle size of no less than 100 mesh.
  2. The main component of the plant nutrient is phosphorus, there are secondary nutrients such as calcium and magnesium.
  3. Suitable for use as a single fertilizer in powder form. Sow the plot to prepare the soil and plow it. or support the bottom of the hole before planting.
  4. Used as a component to increase the efficiency of organic fertilizers and compost.


Ex. %Moisture pH %TN %TOTAL P2O5 %CIP %AP %K2O %OC %OM C/N EC mS/cm CCE %CaO %MgO CEC(cmol/kg) %S %S
Phosphate 1.75 8.35 13.75 9.3 4.45
Dolomite stone 9.5 0.11 107.3 20.96 19.92


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