City Plants under the brand “KB KHU”

We are a manufacturer, supplier, and brand creator of soil amendments,
fillers, pigmented granules, and agricultural products.

Provide consultation and offer guidance for customers interested in creating their own brand as their own entity (under the conditions of a manufacturing factory)

We are a manufacturing factory at the forefront of Asia. We manufacture high-quality industrial-grade fertilizers and agricultural raw materials.  And we also are the leading manufacturer of top-grade granular fertilizers in Thailand. With over 40 years of agricultural expertise and experience, on a land area of over 200 acres, equipped with machinery and more than 28 large-scale production lines, we have a daily production capacity of 1,000 tons or 365,000 tons annually.


We export our products throughout Thailand, ASEAN member countries, and many countries worldwide. We are committed to sustainable development for Thai farmers and bringing Thai agricultural products to the global market. We have partnerships within our network.

  • Kasom Poon Marl and Poon Kaw Ltd., Part.
  • Suntech Natureizer Co., Ltd.
  • Asia Group Kasetphan Co., Ltd.


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