Root booster formula, soil conditioner, enhances plant immunity (suitable for all types of plants).

  • Helps adjust soil pH to an optimal level for plant cultivation.
  • Helps improve soil texture to become loamy, allowing plant roots to absorb nutrients more efficiently.
  • Helps remediate toxic effects caused by various organic acids in the soil and reduces soil-borne fungal diseases that can affect plant health.

Main ingredients Marl, Magnesium, Calcium (Pigment)
Utilization rate:

  • Add the soil preparation period. Foundation before planting or after planting To improve soil quality appropriately 50-150 kg/ha
  • Add phase 2, use soil amendments 1 sack + 1 sack of yield-boosting chemical fertilizer (depending on soil acidity)
The type of plant The usage rate
For rice fields apply before rice flowering, 1 month after planting, at a rate of 30-50 kg/ha.
For sugarcane apply when the plants are 3-4 months old, for stem elongation, at a rate of 50-100 kg/ha.
For oil palm apply when the plants are 3-4 months old, at a rate of 50-100 kg/ha.
For rubber trees up to 6 years, apply to accelerate latex flow at a rate of 1-3 kg per tree per tapping session.
For fruit apply at a rate of 1-5 kg per tree per session.
For vegetable apply at a rate of 50-100 kg/ha.

**This product is not a fertilizer. This product is not a pesticide. or pesticides**