Here are some properties and benefits of Caleite:

  • The chemical formula for calcium carbonate, including calcite, is CaCO3.
  • The components are Ca 0.56% and Co2 44%.
  • CCE 90-97 %
  • Suitable for adjusting soil PH, solving acidic soil problems, acidic soils, adding calcium in animal formulas, chicken, and pork.
  • For aquatic animals, add more green water and give Ca to shrimp during farming.


Ex. %Moisture pH %TN %TOTAL P2O5 %CIP %AP %K2O %OC %OM C/N EC mS/cm CCE %CaO %MgO CEC(cmol/kg) %S
Calcium 0.08 11.3 0 91.69 48.12 0

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