Properties and Benefits.

  1. Micronutrients supplement from highly pure nature, consisting of calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum, and silica, which are essential for growing strong plants
  2. Calcium stimulates bud, shoot, flower, and fruit development and helps in root cell wall formation. It can prevent flower and fruit drop.
  3. Magnesium makes long last green plants. preventing them from becoming pale or chlorotic. well better to cook.
  4. Silica gives plants strong cell walls. Rice does not fall less pest disease
  5. pH 9.6, reduces soil acidity, nourishes the soil, friable, and easily ventilated. The soil releases the nutrients that are pinned down.
  6. Prevents root rot and root rot caused by phytophthora. and bacteria


Ex. %Moisture pH %TN %TOTAL P2O5 %CIP %AP %K2O %OC %OM C/N EC mS/cm CCE %CaO %MgO CEC(cmol/kg) %S
3.25 8.49 0.55 0.37 113.7 20.67 13.58
9.5 0.11 107.3 20.96 19.92


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