Here are the properties and benefits of Gypsum:

Chemical formula Ca So4 2H2O, consisting of Sulfur hydroxide (SO3 46.5%) Calcium oxide (Cao 32.6% and water H2O 20.9%)


The utilization of agricultural benefits

  1. Gypsum can be used as a soil amendment for agricultural purposes by grinding Gypsum and directly spreading it onto the soil surface.  Calcium from Gypsum can replace sodium in the soil, reducing salinity levels. This allows it to be utilized for cultivation purposes.
  2. Gypsum can serve as a supplementary source of micronutrients for both the soil and plants. It can be beneficial in agriculture.
  3. Gypsum helps to increase the productivity of plants.
ตัวอย่าง %Moisture pH %TN %TOTAL P2O5 %CIP %AP %K2O %OC %OM C/N EC mS/cm CCE %CaO %MgO CEC(cmol/kg) %S
ยิปซั่ม 6.21 8.31 0.06 0.05 0.02 2.48 33.75 0.16 17

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