Properties and Benefits of Calcium

Benefits of Calcium

  1. Chemical formula Ca Co3
  2. Component Ca 0.56% and Co2 44%
  3. CCE 90-97%
    Suitable for adjusting soil PH, solving acidic soil problems, acidic soils, adding calcium in animal formulas, chicken, and pork.
  4. Aquatic animals improve water quality and adding calcium per shrimp during the feast

Calcium + Boron How is it useful to fruit trees?

calcium boron It is a nutrient in the form that is completely soluble and can be used by plants immediately, consisting of calcium, boron, 17 amino acids, and others in an appropriate proportion. increase productivity increase pollination Reduces drop of flower and fruit stems, enlarges fruit size, stimulates flower bud formation helps plants grow well Makes plants strong, leaves green, and prevents black butt syndrome in tomatoes. Black stuffing in cabbage strengthens the plant structure and good disease resistance

7 trace elements that plants use in small amounts, but plants cannot lack these nutrients as well: iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, molybdenum, and chlorine. Calcium is an element that plants use for growing It Helps to promote the use of nitrogen from the soil to be more useful in the flowering and seed formation stages Plants will be needed a lot. Because calcium is involved in the movement and storage of carbohydrates and proteins in plants. to be used to produce fruit and seeds together with a component of the substance that connects the cell wall Helps in cell division, pollination, and seed germination and helps enzymes work well symptoms of calcium deficiency plants Will be found in the area of ​​the new growth of the leaves. Curled, curled, and torn in stripes. Buds do not grow. There may be black spots on the leaf veins, short roots, and young shoots will die. This was solved by adding limestone, crushed limestone, and calcined limestone to adjust the acidity and alkalinity of the soil. or adding manure to nourish the soil If lack of elemental boron The part that will show the first symptoms are The shoots and young leaves are twisted, and the young leaves are unusually thin and transparent. The middle of the face is rough and freckled, and there is a sticky substance coming out of the bark of the trunk. Dead, the top is dead and has side eyes. But the other eye will also die. The trunk is not stretched. The branches are close together, the leaves are small and thick, and the fruit is unusually small and hard. It has a thick shell, and sometimes the fruit can break and scar.

“Calcium adds sweetness, creates sugar, but mobilization is related to boron. Calcium metabolizes nitrogen, so calcium and nitrogen go together. if lack of calcium Nitrogen doesn’t happen. Therefore, the question is why calcium-boron is used. According to the academic principle, we use it when the land is lacking. or to accelerate growth during periods that require a lot of energy because it has to metabolize nitrogen And then ask again what is calcium involved? As said, the movement of starch and sugar is related to boron. Therefore, it is very important to produce fruit out of season.”